The Dissection of “HIP” by #LORDZNYC

28 Aug




People usually ask me; Why do you “Hate” “hipsters” ? I’m sure the people that come across my stickers which include the hashtag or plain text #FUCKBASQUIAT and/or #FUCKHIPSTERS wonder to themselves, man why is this guy so angry? or something like: damn why is he “HATING ON” hipsters so much. (When I refer to “hipsters” I’m speaking of goofy looking out of towner’s who are not natives of NYC or the neighboring TriState’s.)


So here goes…

As I sit on the staircase overlooking my living room, and I take a sip from my Pellegrino water, I ask myself… what is it that makes “hipsters”, so “HIP”… is it the thrift store clothing they wear (or appear to be wearing), is it the membership card they hold to “trader joes” Maybe it’s the cool apartment they share with 2 to 3 other people in williamsburg… hmmm I think it has something to do with those stupid ass eyeglasses they wear with no prescription… Where do I begin? Where did you guys come from… Ohio? .. Nebraska?.. Maine?… Why did you come here? was it for the drugs, sex, or the underground music? I’m curious, because I see a steady and varying supply of “you people” (hipsters) being imported daily…


I never really felt the effects of gentrification or being pushed out of of my community because a different class of people is moving in. But what I can say is in the last several years that “you people” (hipsters) came to NYC the city favors everything you do. Funny how you can find TV commercials advertising No Tax for new business for the first 10 years, (obviously this is because of the influx of out of town entrepreneurs) thats a pretty nice perk (for you guys), but what about the businesses before you, that were hit with taxes, sometimes in amounts that jeopardized the business they created with their own two hands. How come in recent years it dawned on Citi bank and the NYC municipal system to implement bicycles for people to ride and get around the city with… how come NYC couldn’t do that for us years ago… I’m sure my mother would have enjoyed riding a bike to work rather than a stuffy train. How about bicycle crime in the city? that might have gone down a bit to because children and adults alike would not have needed to subject themselves to theft to enjoy or utilize those joyous two wheels. It seems like a red carpet has been rolled our for “you people”. “You”, who come here to “attend school”, or pursue a strong career, but a majority of your time is spent complaining, doing all types of drugs ranging from Heroin to prescription pills, and the ever popular underground product: “GHB”, Many of you are funded by your parents, while they think you’re in another state being there little angel who they raised with so much esteem and etiquette towards life, and knowledge of the arts and nature, meanwhile the lot of you are in bathrooms in minimal clubs at 3am doing bumps of coke in the stall or taking it in the back of your throat for a bag of enjoyment. I thought you came here to study Picasso? or to get into that competitive media program, obviously you lied to yourself and your parents…. Why do sections exist in Brooklyn, where your “kind” frolics and resides? Also, why do you all look the same…? Why is the “hipster” Identifiable…? And how long will you continue to do so? Is this librarian employee from the 1980’s style/look going to be what we have to look forward to in the future? for eternity? or is it going to be the unkept, colorful hair and broken sneakers look? How come when you “hipsters” get arrested for graffiti or the more widely accepted term “STREET ART” do you come out the next day, meanwhile an NYC native graffiti writer does the same thing, and gets 60 days or the crazy fine. I don’t think it’s fair that police sit by idly watching you put up wheat paste posters in SOHO, but if me and my spanish or black friends go and do it, we end up facing the sick felony charge. Why do you guys feel the need to even write graffiti, are you trying to communicate with NYC writers? let them know you exist? that you know how to write your name? or are you doing it just off the strength that if shit hits the fan, your family will bail you out, as this was just your attempt at a “Public Art Display”. What is it you are trying to communicate? Rebellion? most of you “hipsters” look like some “Vintage Customers on a Heroin Line at 10:30am Just Before Closing”. The other half of you walks around so calm and aloof as you cross the street at Bushwick avenue and Broadway… In case you haven’t gotten the memo, NYC is a jungle it can be a crime jungle, a business jungle or fashion jungle but it is definitely a jungle… Meanwhile, you hipsters are longboarding and sipping teas or walking around with paint on your jeans, while the majority of people; judges, lawyers, businesses owners, general employees, run around the city trying to keep a roof over there head, book a vacation this year, or finally get that raise and be able to put down a payment on that house they’ve been looking at. Meanwhile, you’re discussing Picasso at 12 noon thinking you’re experiencing something special while smoking a cigarette and looking out of your overpriced bushwick studio that you probably share with someone else. I don’t know about you but a “HATER” like me enjoys going up to my roof and having a drink while l blow smoke O’s at the Freedom Tower, or take a late night stroll on the Brooklyn or Manhattan bridge to gather my thoughts. What do you eat for dinner every night? a lot of you hipsters look malnourished, is that the organic / vegan look? or is that the effect of bad coke from local shit dealers trying their hardest to impress you with their style of powder.

I “HATE” you…

Many call me a hater, I can definitely see why. Maybe I’m a hater because I’ve worked for everything I ever had, maybe I’m a hater because the little two floor in Chinatown I inhabit all by myself, Maybe I’m hating on these stylish hipsters because I only have 28 honest pairs of freshly chilled popular nikes on freeze that I don’t even wear… and they have so many broken Toms shoes and Vans that offer no foot support let’s not forget “converse” yuk, barf, (wipe) continue. Maybe I’m hating because of the Alexander Calder painting hanging downstairs on my living room wall. Maybe I’m hating because I have a father that own’s properties in NYC, and has always been the communities political choice, but when It came to me, I had to work, work, and work some more, until I got what I wanted, I couldn’t just tell my father hey I’d like to go to SVA and study commercial design, not because he couldn’t afford it, no… but because he rather go and gamble here and abroad with no regard for me as his blood and youngest heir, other than me being fed and clothed of course. Maybe I’m bitter, and maybe I’m mad. But what makes me even more mad is when you hipsters come to NYC and the city lays out a red carpet for you, and your parents fund every move you make, while the rest of us move and shake… the lot of you just wakes and bakes. In addition to your fiesta in NYC, overtime gentrification takes it’s course, and neighborhoods that me and my friends once called home, are now full of a new kind of people raising our rents to catastrophic amounts once our leases expire. Is it fair to my friend Julio’s grandmother who (like Unlce Leo said) “Is on a very fixed income”, affording only soup, basic meat, and bread to feed the pigeons in the park. Now she’s forced to live in a retirement home or in a NYC assisted living program (a shelter) because her apartment is being renovated and her lease will not be renewed since she cannot afford the 1K increase, due to capital improvements (for the hipsters of course). Julio’s grandma who worked all her life in NYC, is without a place, because the 20 year old NYU student who’s moving in and who’s father can afford it. So now grandmas old home sweet home, becomes this hipsters NYC drug and sex haven. That may be part of life to you (it was for me at one point) or just plain business, but to me it’s unfair. And that’s why I hate you, and your kind, aside from the fact that you have a “kind” in the first place.


I want my meaning to be clear when I display the hashtag #FUCKBASQUIAT. Many of you may misinterpret my meaning; Basquiat was a great artist yes, WITHOUT Andy Warhol. Not to say that Warhol didn’t take Basquiat’s career and image to another plateau, but in my opinion SAMO, Jean Michel, or Just “Basquiat”, was an beautiful and talented artist and painter regardless of Warhol and most importantly he had his own unique style of painting. Once he was paired with Warhol, the only thing that flourished from that relationship was that Basquait now had more access to drugs he liked and that inspired him to create and explore his mind in depth, Warhol made it possible for Jean Michel to get high and explore his creativity (paint) 24/7. In the last few years there has been a rise in Basquiat popularity amongst the younger generation, kids walking around with paint all over them just to show people “yea I paint”, “I’m on a visionary quest like the great Basquiat” The Basquiat notion tip toes on the edge of excessive drug use and produces self doubt (because you can never be him). Aside from that, business  manipulates Basquiat’s image for profit with no regard to how you will interpret the underlying meaning. Also, when the Basquiat boom really hit, it seems like every artist was using or borrowing from his aesthetic, not to mention his trademark Hairdo, it’s like you do know this guy existed before right?? So, my question is why didn’t you act like Basquiat or paint like him prior to knowing about him. If I meet Calvin Klein and people tell me great things about him, does that mean I should act like him, dress like him, embody his ideologies? Or maybe I should change my first name to Helmut, since I met him and love wearing anything by Helmut Lang…right? That’s what you did, you all jumped on Basquiat’s dick. Appreciate his work, appreciate the man… BUT YOU ARE NOT BASQUIAT. BE YOURSELF. I simply converted my anger for all these fan boys and girls into the form of a sticker, and simplified it by typing “ FUCK BASQUIAT ” and adding the hashtag #PSA (public service announcement) along with the accompanying LORDZNYC logo.

fuckbasquiat by LORDZNYC

Momo dumplings grow more popular in Queens with new Tibetan restaurant

28 Aug
Tibetan Dumpling Cafe owner and chef Tashi Chopel hopes to make his momo dumplings a well-known snack in New York City. His Sunnyside restaurant is located on Queens Blvd. near 50th St. Eli Rosenberg Tibetan Dumpling Cafe owner and chef Tashi Chopel hopes to make his momo dumplings a well-known snack in New York City. His Sunnyside restaurant is located on Queens Blvd. near 50th St.


The little-known Himalayan snack continues its rise in Queens with the opening of Tibetan Dumpling Cafe, a new brick-and-mortar restaurant in Sunnyside. There are at least 20 momo sellers in the area, but the steamed treats still do not have the name recognition of other popular street foods like shawarma or soup dumplings.


These humble dumplings are on the verge of having a momo-ment.

The little-known momo dumpling continues its rise in Queens with the opening of a new brick-and-mortar restaurant dedicated to the Himalayan snack in Sunnyside.

Tibetan Dumpling Cafe owner and chef Tashi Chopel said he opted for the Queens Blvd. location near 50th St. to reach many of Queens’ diverse populations.

“Now this neighborhood is very good,” said Chopel, 37, a former Buddhist monk who fled Tibet in 2002 and entered the U.S. in 2003.

The first-time restaurateur, who used to live in Sunnyside before moving to Elmhurst, worked odd jobs in gas stations and laundromats to save the $80,000 needed to open his eatery.

“I’ve been working very hard for this,” he said. “My dream is very big.”

So are his ambitions.

There are at least 20 momo sellers, including four street vendors, near the transportation nexus at Broadway and Roosevelt Ave., according to Jeff Orlick, who leads tasting tours around Queens.

Tashi Chopel, a refugee from Tibet, worked for more than 10 years in gas stations, restaurants and laundromats before saving up to open his first momo restaurant. Eli Rosenberg Tashi Chopel, a refugee from Tibet, worked for more than 10 years in gas stations, restaurants and laundromats before saving up to open his first momo restaurant.

But momos still do not have the name recognition of other popular street foods like shawarma or soup dumplings.

Chopel wants to bring the obscure food to a wider audience beyond the city’s 7,000 Tibetans.

“It’s not only for Tibetan people,” said Chopel, who learned how to cook the steamed treats from his mom. “I want each and everybody to know about my dumplings.”

The restaurant will sell momos stuffed with beef, chicken and vegetables, as well as a chef’s special that will change regularly.

The 30-seat store will also serve traditional Tibetan food like thali, a platter with curried meat, rice, vegetables, yogurt and pickles, and thenthuk, a soup with hand-pulled noodles.

“A lot of people think the dumpling comes from Chinese food,” Chopel said. “But Tibet has the best dumplings — a special dumpling.”

‘Friends’ 20th anniversary celebrated with one-month pop-up Central Perk coffee shop in NYC.

28 Aug
Fans of 'Friends' will have only a month to enjoy Central Perk. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Eight O’Clock Coffee Company
Fans of ‘Friends’ will have only a month to enjoy Central Perk.
Something is brewing in New York this September, as Warner Bros and Eight O'Clock Coffee join together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series premiere of 'Friends' by opening the month-long coffee shop. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Eight O’Clock Coffee Company
Something is brewing in New York this September, as Warner Bros and Eight O’Clock Coffee join together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series premiere of ‘Friends’ by opening the month-long coffee shop.



    Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Eight O’Clock Coffee Company

    Free coffee. That’s what friends are for. And that’s what they’ll give New Yorkers, starting Sept. 17.

    To mark the 20th anniversary of the classic NBC show “Friends,” Warner Bros. and Eight O’Clock Coffee will open a one-month real-life version of the show’s fake coffee shop, Central Perk.

    It will be located at 199 Lafayette St. in SoHo, (at the corner of Broome), and serve the city’s favorite morning brew from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekends.

    Besides plugging the show’s memory, it will also showcase Eight O’Clock, a long-time staple of the coffee biz that has been somewhat overshadowed in recent years by newer, trendier brands.


    Eight O’Clock has created a special Central Perk roast for the pop-up shop, and will sell it in stores around the country.

    The pop-up shop will also offer a continuing stream of promotions, including an appearance by James Michael Tyler. On the show he played Gunther, the unflappable barista.

    This new Central Perk will feature artifacts from the original show, including the orange couch on which selfies will be encouraged.

    Exported.; NBC PHOTO
    Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel (c.) worked as a barista on the show, and it became a regular hangout for her friends, like Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe (l.) and Matt LeBlanc’s Joey.

    There will also be activities tied to Sept. 29, National Coffee Day.

    “Friends” launched on Sept. 22, 1994, and became one of the most popular sitcoms in TV history.

    While the six main characters on the show lived in a suspiciously luxurious New York apartment, the show was filmed in Burbank.

    Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn, Scarlett Johansson: 22 Famous Leaked Cell Phone Pics That Stopped All Office Productivity

    28 Aug


    Helloooooooo Joan!

    This past Sunday, naughty cell phone pictures of both Mad Men‘s redheaded bombshell Christina Hendricks and television personality Olivia Munn leaked onto the Internet. No, they weren’t together in the photos — Dear God — these were separate leaks.

    Two of the most lusted after female celebs, Hendricks for ya know those, and Munn for her bubbly public persona and ability to wear a bikini, they almost immediately decried the criminal invasions of privacy, with Hendricks saying that the most graphic picture was in fact not her. But crack ‘net researchers — dudes with a lot of time on their, er, hands — unofficially verified that that in fact was her bountiful rack.

    At least Hendricks owned up to the other pics. It’s kind of hard to say it’s not her in the other ones, unless a Hendricks twin is running around the world wild. Munn has denied the photos in her case are actually her, though one of the bikini shots is from a popular Maxim shoot.

    These cell phone leaks are almost always the work of hackers who are adept at skirting around pass codes and other security technology to get at the “goods” though I think some can be blamed on jilted lovers or the publicity-hungry celebs themselves. Sports stars and politicians have been careless a lot, with quarterback Brett Favre and New York rep Anthony Weiner both showcasing their ware in leaked pics to female exploits.

    That being said, these are criminal acts, but you have to think that people in such high places could think twice before sending nude or compromising pics of themselves to others. Especially when you can be so easily identified through tattoos, like Kanye West and Chris Brown.


    Olivia Munn says this isn’t “Olivia Munn”

    When these pics leak they sometimes stop American 9 to 5 office productivity, like when the long sought-after nudes of Scarlett Johansson — meant for Sean Penn — leaked online last September, getting right-clicked and saved into eternity. At least Johansson was cool about these getting out and accepted it as an occupational hazard. Now she can be naked in movies and no one will care, though.

    When Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy shoot leaked back in December, it was news for two days but then largely went away, along with Hugh Hefner’s hopes of a big print payday. But those weren’t exactly groundbreaking, seeing that Lohan has been nude or barely-clothed quite a lot since 2005.

    Leaked sex videos are different than photos, and they have seemed to dried up, at least when it comes to celebs. Kim Kardashian’s tape was the last big one — pardon the pun — to hit the web. Not to be too creepily hopeful, but Miley Cyrus seems to be due for one soon with the way her public relations department has been running ragged.

    If the Munn and Hendricks shots would have hit during the working week, I can honestly say they would have been a much bigger deal, even though more hilarious Munn photos, with comical sexual comments (“tell me to take it like a BIG GIRL…”) continue to wow online tabloids.

    (Warning: Some of the links are NSFW.)

    20. Brett Favre

    Oh Brett, we had such a bigger hopes for you, you know what I mean. Cool watch though.

    19. Scarlett Johansson

    scarlett nude.JPG


    Johansson’s iconic ass pose in the mirror of a hotel room spawned plenty of human and canine imitators.

    18. Miley Cyrus

    Pictures of pop-star Cyrus began leaking even before she was of legal age, which either means that there was a market to fake them, or Billy Ray never taught his kids about the pitfalls of fame, and smoking “salvia”.

    17. Jessica Alba

    Sort of a letdown, after years of a build-up. She may be preggers in one of them too.

    16. Ashley Greene

    The Twilight star gained a new fan base when her nude and topless shots made it to message boards all over the world.

    15. Blake Lively

    She tried to deny it, but those severely perky breast implants were obviously hers, and the pics meant for actor Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t disappoint.

    14. Rihanna

    And the world went “meh”. She always seemed perma-naked anyways.

    13. Anthony Weiner

    Weinergate was all the rage just a year or so ago.

    12. Vanessa Hudgens

    Two sets of racy bedroom shots of Disney actress Hudgens made men who weren’t yet familiar with her catalog of work take notice.

    11. Christina Aguilera

    From Aguilera’s skinnier days, posing in her closet??

    10. Kreayshawn

    If you know who female rapper Kreayshawn is, these were like manna from heaven. To everyone else, she looked just like another naked hipster posing for a Suicide Girls shoot.



    9. Kanye West

    The tattoo and jaw gave it away, but I would have though that he would have been more man-scaped, right? I guess with his busy recording and shopping schedule…

    8. Ron Artest

    He likes to shoot around alright. Nice boxer briefs, dude.

    7. Paris Hilton

    The grand dame of “leaked,” at one point it seemed like once every month a new set of Hilton in the buff would appear somewhere online, either a video or a still. So 2004

    6. Pete Wentz

    The Fall Out Boy bassist took a self portrait of himself tugging on his man junk, rocking the emo-pop world back in 2006 at the height of his band’s fame.

    5. Chris Brown

    Bleached blonde girl-beater bares all.

    4. Hayley Williams

    The Paramore lead singer posted her topless shot to Twitter on accident and pulled it down quickly, but not before everyone saved it and disseminated all over the web.


    One of Renee Olstead’s tamer shots


    The glittered trash-popper was shown covered in, um, “male glitter” in a few pictures that ended up online.

    2. Kat Dennings

    The 2 Broke Girls and Thor funny girl is a fan of sports bras behind closed doors, and has a sweet fireplace in her bedroom.

    1. Renee Olstead

    Kingwood-born Olstead is seen as the gold standard now when it comes to leaked shots, with dozens of hers — some extremely hands-on — went viral about a year ago.

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